~Q: Does this hair shed?

~A: Any hair that has been manufactured to be stitched on a weft is entitled to experience minimum shedding which is absolutely normal. 


~Q: How much hair do I need?

Length 10-16 Inches - You will need 2 bundles or more.

Lengths 18-24 Inches - You will need 3 bundles
or more

Lengths 26-30 Inches - You will need 4 bundles or more

Lengths 30 Inches and up- You will need 5 bundles or more.


~Q: How much does each bundle weigh?

~A: Each bundle weighs 100 Grams



~Q: Can this hair be straightened or dyed?

~A: Yes, hair can be both straightened and dyed to a 613 Platinum Blonde. 


 ~Q: How long does the hair last?

~A: Our Hair can last more than 3 years with professional care.


~Q: What is the difference between Virgin and Raw Hair?

~A: Raw hair is 100% unprocessed. Raw hair has a significantly better Quality and is Higher in Price.